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Petit Nord Grey Lambskin Mittens  Petit Nord Girls Ivory Sheep Skin Sleeveless Jacket  Petit Nord Antique Gold Leather Hat with Fur

Petit Nord Gold Sheepskin Bootees  Petit Nord Dark Grey Lambskin Sleeveless Jacket  Petit Nord Beige Lambskin Sleeveless Jacket

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Petit Nord is situated in Copenhagen, Denmark, owned and managed by Danish designer Jane Dencker Larsen. Since 1998 it has been designing exclusive clothes and accessories for children aged from 0-16. The basis of Petit Nord’s children’s clothes and accessories are pure natural materials. The simplicity of Scandinavian design is expressed in all their products, in a combined raw and romantic style that suits children and characterizes Petit Nord’s unique designs. Everything is produced in high quality and small exclusive numbers in the EU in compliance with EU regulations. Natural materials are always preferred over synthetics anywhere possible and organic materials are increasingly incorporated into the production. Petit Nord offers stylish mittens, trendy soft leather and fur hats of different fashion styles, exquisite fur collars, lovely jackets, knitted sweaters and cardigans, bags and many other Petit Nord products. The classic closed leather slippers, fur bootees, leather indoor shoes from Petit Nord are always in stock in multiple basic colours. Choose between red, black, brown, beige, turquoise, grey or lilac. Discover the adorable elasticated ballerinas, retro style sandals, or comfortable sheepskin slippers. Petit Nord Copenhagen products are made from chic urban use but with strong ties to the natural elements. 

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