Papouelli Shoes for Kids

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Papouelli Shoes for Kids

Papouelli Girls Brown Leather Bar Shoes  Papouelli Girls Navy Blue Leather Bar Shoes  Papouelli Girls Black Leather Bar Shoes

Buy Papouelli Shoes for Children

Papouelli Shoes was founded in 2003 by Nicole Robinson and Maggie Snouck. Papouelli’s aim is to create shoes that are beautiful, classically timeless but with a contemporary edge, not forgetting that children are children, so the shoes must be practical. Sizing starts with tiny baby shoes, through the important first walking sizes and then upwards to teenagers. Every shoe is designed under the distinct Papouelli label. Working with beautiful leathers and fabrics in its signature muted palette, the style is evident. Papouelli creates shoes which can be worn for casual or more formal occasions. Whether you are looking for children’s shoes for a summer wedding or a new pair of school shoes, you will find it here. Papouelli Shoes designers offer a wide range of stylish schools shoes, cool party shoes, comfortable weekend shoes, sweet butterfly sandals, amazing wedding shoes with unique and luxurious decorations, soft boots. You can find there shoes for babies, first walkers, pre-school shoes and boots made from perfect quality leather. Papouelli holds as well some hair accessories (hair bands, bands, bows, clips), colourful socks and tights and recently they introduced a small range of their own cashmere children clothes collection with the Butterfly logo on it.

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