Papermoon Kids & Baby Clothes

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Papermoon Boys Green Cotton Hooded Sweatshirt  Papermoon Boys Blue Cotton Hooded Sweatshirt  Papermoon Boys Blue 2-in-1 Cotton Jacket

Papermoon Baby Boys Blue Cotton Shirt  Papermoon Boys Navy Blue Cotton Jersey Blazer  Papermoon Boys Grey Cotton and Denim Blazer

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Papermoon quality children clothes are in the market since 1986. It is a brand of already existing firm IDEA SpA, which pleases parents and kids with its products for over 35 years. Its development began as part of CACAO brand – a recognized leader in the manufacture of children’s sportswear. Papermoon has been focused on dressing children aged 0-14. Famous Italian fashion brand Papermoon follows contemporary styling, always considering children’s nature, sensibility, imagination and innocence. A perfect reflection of Italian style, impeccable contemporary design and high quality production undoubtedly correspond to Luxe brand status. Papermoon children’s clothes are an exquisite holiday, trendy and classic images, suits, vests and shirts, lovely fancy dresses, blouses and skirts worthy of modern young ladies and gentlemen. These are also every day, fashionable and comfortable jeans, pants, sweaters and blouses, jackets and coats, in which the child will feel elegant and confident. Each model even “casual” has its own flavor, unusual cut, actual combination of fabrics and textures, lovely decorative items, embroidery, complemented with refined scarf or belt, all these elements together make Papermoon brand favorite. Papermoon outerwear is easy, comfortable and warm – just perfect for a cold winter.

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