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Old soles Gold Leather Boots With Fur Lining  Old soles Baby Boys Blue Pre-Walker Trainers  Old soles Baby Girls Silver First-Walker Shoes

Old soles Baby Girls First-Walker Pink Shoes  Old soles Baby Girls Metallic Silver Pre-Walker Shoes  Old soles Girls Silver Leather Studded Trainers

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Old Soles was formed in January of 2008 when Australian designer Vicki Lever launched her range of fashion inspired ‘pre-walker’ and ‘first steps’ leather baby shoes. She went to buy a pair of shoes for her best friends new baby girl and was shocked by the lack of fashionable shoes for this age group. The next day she started to sketch a few ideas and so the process began. Old Soles encourages little feet to make big impressions. All shoes are made from 100% soft leather with a padded leather insole and elastic back for the ultimate comfort, fit and flexibility. The ‘pre-walkers’ have leather sole, while the ‘first steps’ have a non-slip sole that ensures your toddler keeps a firm grip on the world. Old soles are hand crafted from 100% soft leather. Old soles provide protection while the breathable leather lining with a padded leather insole absorbs moisture in summer and keep little feet warm in winter. The elastic back makes them easy to put on and difficult for baby to pull off. No ties and shoelaces ensure baby shoes are easy and safe. These first walkers remain flexible and soft, allowing natural freedom of movement from heel to toe.

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