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This is the brand, which was developed by people, who know a lot about children and base their collections on their own experience with their own kids. A husband and a wife decided to work over the creation of environmentally friendly collections of products for children, which could boast with their practicality and functionality. The collections are so wide, as they include pieces of furniture and alpaca dresses. Children have all the chances to develop their taste from the early age, along with the feeling of responsibility for taking care of their planet. Children usually don’t need much to give a push to their imagination fantasy. The donkey mask and tail set from Oeuf are perfect for making the games of your children more active and more versatile. It is made from pure baby Alpaca wool, which is soft and nice for children and will not cause any problems with children’s health. Kids of any age would adore this VW Bug knitted of soft alpaca wool. It is suitable for both boys and girls for a lot of fun. Bright color and soft feeling against the skin would attract your child again and again to this toy.

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