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Nens produces fashionable, branded footwear for children and adolescents. This young company that was founded in 1987 managed to gain credibility and appreciation among customers all over the world. All Nens footwear is produced in Spain; its distinguishing feature is the highest quality of Spanish shoemakers’ hand-made, Spanish and Italian high-quality raw materials and comfortable models with attention to details and taking into account the anatomy of the child and adolescent foot. All boots are lined in fur (mouton), upper is leather, sole is made of thermostatic rubber (non-slip). Parents understand the importance of providing their children with the high quality children clothes and footwear. Especially it goes about the footwear as it helps the feet of children to develop appropriately. In the collections of this brand you will find footwear for children of different age starting from newborn, babies under 18 months and more. The models and colours are different so you could have the biggest choice. Kids adore the Nens shoes as they are very comfortable, cool, elegant and easy to wear. They can be easily fastened with a Velcro strap. Nens is the most suitable shoes for those parents who appreciate quality and want their children to be healthy.

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