Naturapura Baby Clothes

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Naturapura Baby Organic Cotton Knitted Leggings  Naturapura Baby Organic Cotton Knitted Hat  Naturapura Baby Ivory Organic Cotton Knitted Bootees

Naturapura Baby Organic Ivory Cross-Over Bodysuit  Naturapura Baby Organic Cotton Ivory Scratch Mitts  Naturapura Baby 100 Natural Organic Beige Hat

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Naturapura aims to offer its clients a true ecological alternative in home textiles and baby clothes. Since 1999 Naturapura has been a label providing an exquisite range of baby, children and toddler clothing, toys and homewares, made in Portugal. All types of children clothes are made from 100% naturally coloured, organic cotton, non-dyed, unbleached and non-chemically coloured. Naturapura embraces the fibres natural colouring, brown, green and ecru, thus producing healthy, safe and environmentally friendly products. There are clothes for babies and children up to 2 years, children linen and rugs, blankets, accessories and toys for children, bedding for adults, towels, bathrobes and accessories for spas. They have been designed with the greatest care to provide their users with comfort, practicality and elegance. It would become the best choice for you to prepare the dowry for a baby with Naturapura. The Naturapura range includes lovely 100% cotton blankets and comforters, exquisite knitted pants, pretty towels, fancy baby rompers, cool babygrows, cardigans and sweaters, leggings, bibs, hats, adorable gift sets, soft toys, knitted booties and many other items of clothing and accessories. The company produces a long list of regular items, and two times a year offers seasonal collections.

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