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My Collections Baby Girls White Cotton T-Shirt  My Collections White Floral Cotton Dress  My Collections Girls Brown Cotton Shorts

My Collections Baby Girls White Cotton Shorts  My Collections Baby Girls Floral Cotton Dress  My Collections Baby Girls Cotton Shortie Dress

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The brand of children’s clothing My Collections is the younger generation of the famous Italian fashion house MAFRAT. The essence of this line is versatility offering a variety of options for every occasion and mood. Fashion house MAFRAT produces baby clothes for about 70 years. During this time, the Italian fashion house is securely fastened in the top ten in the world market. My Collection is a brand that offered a new approach to clothing for children. It combines practicality and the latest fashion trends, which happens very rare. Children’s clothing of the trademark covers ages from birth to 14 years. Colours used in the collections are too diverse. Three main factors combine the clothes of this trademark, namely reasonable price, high quality and versatility. The creators of the collection while presenting it in the beginning of the year in Florence stated that the garment is adapted to the desires and needs of young consumers at maximum. It is universal, both beautiful and practical, adapted to different situations and allows you to select items for the present mood. Colorful casual wearing that would help your child to create an incredible and unforgettable image is what the present is ready to suggest.

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