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Moschino Girls Cotton Leopard Top  Moschino Ivory and Red Velour Baby Nest (82cm)  Moschino Girls Pink Cotton Babygrow with Gift Box

Moschino Jersey Script Babygrow  Moschino Pink 'Spoliled Baby' Jersey Dress  Moschino Boys Blue Logo T-Shirt

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Franco Moschino, the Italian fashion designer is famous for his colorful, lively, provocative and somewhat clownish style. Franco was born in the small Italian town of Abbiategrasso, Lombardy, located 22 kilometers from Milan. Before becoming a fashion designer, he attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Milan, studying art in 1967 and hoping to become a painter. To pay for lessons at the academy, Franco worked as a freelance fashion illustrator. As a result, his interest shifted from canvas and paints to fabrics and tailoring. His career in the fashion world began in 1971 when he became an illustrator of Dzhanni Versace and continued to work in his fashion house for the next 6 years. From 1977 to 1982, Moschino has modeled clothes for the Italian label “Cadette”. Franco Moschino founded his own company “Moonshadow” in 1983 and began making clothes of top class in the same year. First, he modeled casual clothes and jeans, but eventually expanded the line to lingerie, evening dresses, shoes, men’s clothing and perfumes. In 1988 Moschino began producing less expensive line “Cheap and Chic”. His clothes were unusual and the innovative. In the Moschino collection one may find vibrant and adventurous design for boy and girls.

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