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Molo Baby Girls Black Flowering 'Evette' Top  Molo Boys Grey 'Mathias' Hooded Sweatshirt  Molo Space Robot 'Roger' T-Shirt

Molo Girls Rabbit 'Marika' Sweatshirt  Molo Jersey Black Flowering 'Noma' Hat  Molo Grey Jersey 'Henriette' Blazer Jacket

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Danish designers who are creating clothes Molo Kids, perfectly understand that children should be given the opportunity to express themselves. Only then will they be able to grow truly creative people. With this in mind, the Danes are annually producing several collections of children’s clothing Molo, which meet the needs of every child. Among the many lines of children’s clothing, Molo Kids always attracts attention: bright colours, unexpected combination of patterns and shades in combination with ultra-modern design, cut and thoughtful selection of accessories is a kind of “visit card” of the brand. Despite the apparent “lightness” and festive look, products of Molo are practical and functional. They are not output suits “for one day”. All the materials from which they are sewn are of the highest quality and are designed for long-term daily use in the “harsh” conditions for long walks. Comfortable and reliable, products Molo Kids are one of the best representatives of children’s outerwear at the modern fashion market. The brand products are perfect mix of funky and colourful design that is so admired by parents and children all over the world. Boys and girls in the age starting from 0 to 10 years will look absolutely gorgeous in the Molo clothes.

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