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Missoni Pink Cotton Polka Dot Dress  Missoni Girls Red Knitted Zig Zag Leggings  Missoni Patterned Long Sleeved Dress

Missoni Girls Pink Down Padded Coat  Missoni Girls Knitted Bolero Cardigan  Missoni Girls Gold Bolero Cardigan

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The Italian brand Missoni was officially registered in 1966 and by the Missoni family, Ottavio and Rosita. It all started with the fact that in 1947, two friends Ottavio Missoni and Giorgio Oberveger opened a small knitting business. Initially, it was clothing for athletes who are engaged in athletics. The idea originates from the childhood and youth of Ottavio. A year later, the line of costumes “Venjulia” acquired the status of an official form of athletes in Italy in which athletes were in London at the Olympics. At these Olympics was Ottavio himself, where he met his future wife, Rosita Jelmini. In 1953 they officially became husband and wife, then moved to Gallarate and opened a workshop for the production of knitwear. The first collection “Milano-Simpathy” was designed for the store “La Rinacsente” in 1958. Later in Milan there was the first show in “Teatro Gerolamo”, which made a lasting impression and became one of the most popular events of the year. The main emphasis was placed on materials with colored stripes of different width. Later, there were zigzag patterns that have become the hallmark of the brand Missoni. In 1968 there was opened the first multifunction factory Missoni, which produced a significant amount of products.

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