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The name of this designer is well-known starting from the 1946, when the American style, developed by the designer, was influenced by the country’s roots. Nowadays the products of this brand could be found almost everywhere in the world. The lovely moccasins found their fans in London, in Tokyo and other cities. The secret of this success is rather simple – only top quality materials along with craftsmanship secure a great number of customers. Combination of classic design and free-spirit roots are they key features, which are so much appreciated by the buyers. For a small girl a pair of a dorable pale pink fluffy booties would become a perfect present for the cold time of the year. The fur is not only outside, it is also inside, which makes these booties extremely warm and comfortable. They could be fixed up with the help of the laces, which is another advantage for very active children. There is an option in brown color, which would suit both boys and girls and would be perfectly compatible with the rest of the wardrobe of your baby. Keeping the feet of your baby warm turns out to be easier, than you expected.

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