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Mi Mi Sol Girls Silver Leather Ankle Boots  Mi Mi Sol Girls Pink Leather Bow Sandals  Mi Mi Sol Grey Viscose Dress

Mi Mi Sol Ivory and Gold Dress  Mi Mi Sol Floral Viscose Dress  Mi Mi Sol Tapestry Print Neoprene Dress

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If you want to see your baby wearing fashionable and stylish clothes, you should purchase clothing from Mi Mi Sol. Now you will learn how to tastefully dress your child and choose high quality clothing for all occasions. The Italian designer Imelda Bronzeri, being inspired by the great music of Brahms, in 2011 gave a new meaning to the “Lullaby” manifested in a unique style of clothing of Mi Mi Sol designed for young dandies and ladies from two to 14 years. What does make the brand so special?

Wide range: includes two lines (festive with colorful details and everyday created for games and walks).

New design: children’s imaginations to be princes and princesses are expressed with inimitable elegance.

High quality: Mi Mi Sol clothes are made in Italy and are subject to strict control as for functionality and safety.

Democratic pricing.

The brand is focused on its audience. It is popular among the young parents who choose for their child elegance and quality in clothing. Mi Mi Sol is a sign of quality and style, aristocracy and prestige. This clothing of premium class is the embodiment of desire that children have in the fashion world.

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