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Love From Australia Handmade Grey Sheepskin Pre-Walker Bootees  Love From Australia Handmade Pink Sheepskin Pre-Walker Bootees  Love From Ausrtralia Metallic Silver Sheepskin Pre-Walker Bootees

Love From Australia Girls Pink Sheepskin Leather Boots  Love From Australia Metallic Bronze Sheepskin Pre-Walker Bootees  Love From Australia Girls Grey Sheepskin Leather Boots

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In 2003, Australian sheepskin boots under the name Love from Australia surprised and conquered the fashion world not only by the stunning design, but also by the practicality, relaxed forms and extraordinary comfort, becoming the undisputed brand in the world of children’s shoes. The basis for the manufacture of high-quality children’s shoes is high quality wool that is processed and treated by special technology. Masters sew boots manually inspired putting their love and art in each pair. The models are based on the Australian uggs and boots which are recognized as the most comfortable and stylish. Designers complement the models with soft knitted items, fur and leather trim, metal studs, comfortable straps and laces. Taking into account the physiology of the child’s foot, shoe soles are made of light porous material, giving it stability. The beneficial properties of sheepskin are known for a long time as it gives gentle massage and anti-inflammatory and anti-allergen effects. Little fashionistas and their legs would surely like the comfort, color and style as well as decoration of the footwear from Love from Australia brand. And knowing its useful qualities and affordable prices will make the parents also appreciate it and prefer buying exactly this trademark.

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