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Les Gambettes

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Children need comfort and nice atmosphere at home, they need their own space to the same extent as adult people. They also pay attention to furniture, to its design and prints and colors. This fact was considered by Les Gambettes. Original prints and attractive colors add charm and uniqueness to any piece of furniture produced. Seventies florals is the type of design, which would evoke nostalgia. Combination of steel and hard-wearing plywood is the introduction into modern world and tendencies. Régine Kid’s Desk stands out due to its stylistic design and simplicity. It is designed in such a way that it is stable and comfortable for a child. There is a drawer, which is a stylistic detail and at the same time has its practical function. It could become a good addition to the furniture in your child’s bedroom or in his room for studies. Original Suzie chair would be appreciated by small girls and would for a long time become her favorite place. It is made of beech plywood and has simple but stylish design. It could be combined with other pieces of furniture from this designer, as well as used as addition to your furniture.

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