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Le guignol Pale Blue Silk and Cotton Dress  le guignol orange cotton mix dress  Le guignol Ivory and Pink Cotton Silk Dress

Le guignol kids clothing  Le guignol Baby Girls Blue Silk and Cotton Dress  Le guignol Baby Girls Pink Hand Knitted Cotton Shawl (95cm)

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Most of the parents know about the importance of providing their children with the most qualitative things that are so necessary for the appropriate growing and development of a child. In this case, clothing plays one of the most significant roles in the life of every child. That is why there is nothing wondering that numerous fashion designers and fashion brands that are nowadays engaged in production of clothes and accessories. One of such brands is Le Guignol. This is the trademark that is known for production of clothes for the youngest children. Designers of this brand perfectly understand that the first things of the crumb’s wardrobe should bring special tenderness and care of a baby and Le Guignol designers are perfectly aware of the situation and know the formula of success. The brand fulfils all of the requirements as for the clothing for children while providing clothing solely of high quality and exclusive materials and handmade work makes each and every model the real piece of art. Either girls or boys would feel absolutely comfortable while wearing the elegant and fashionable clothes of this famous brand that are created for providing the real sense of comfort for your child.

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