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Kiddimoto is a family balance bike business, which gained its popularity due to high quality products and great positive contribution into physical and mental development of our children. Most of the parents are nowadays aware that running on a balance bike is a perfect physical exercise for any child. Balance bikes are specially designed for children starting from 1.5 years and till 6 to teach them to balance and to steer. There are no pedals, thus children learn to move and balance naturally with the help of their legs. Balance bikes are perfect for small children for preparing them to ride a usual bike, as they will also have the necessary skills to keep the balance. The gorgeous curved styling combines with rugged construction wooden balance bike has bright and attractive design and would for sure bring a lot of fun to your child. The latest metal balance bike range to Kiddimoto looks stylish and cool. Handgrips are great for small hands, the padded seat is adjustable to the height of the child, as they are growing very quickly. It is made of lightweight steel, which is an advantage for children and for parents. Don’t forget about the set of protection.

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