Juicy Couture Children Clothes

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juicy couture Baby Girls Pink Pre-Walker Sandals  juicy couture Girls Pink Towelling Tracksuit  juicy couture Leopard Print Baby Change Bag (40cm)

juicy couture Pink Cheetah Cotton Dress  juicy couture Girls Bright Pink Cotton T-Shirt  juicy couture Girls Brown Cheetah Top

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Creating sport, but at the same time not less sexual and glamorous things is the art that is subservient to the brand Juicy Couture at full extent. This American brand is famous all over the world by the clothes, accessories and perfume, but mostly by the velor suits which have made the company that popular. The history of the brand starts in 1994. The founders of this brand are friends Pamela Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash-Taylor. This trademark became unbelievably famous owing to the velor, plush and cashmere suits. Their appearance in the range of collections has made furor. Juicy Couture suits are made from the most delicate as for the structure and high quality fabrics. They are practical. It is comfortable to wear them when it is cold and it is not hot in them when it is summer. Today cashmere tracksuits from this brand are the best sellers in the world. In 2006 the label has presented its perfume. Also it releases handbags that is a great accessory for the wardrobe of every woman and girl who takes care about the fashion. Colorful casual clothing for girls in the age of 0 – 14 years is what you will find in the collections of the brand.

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