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Jacques + sienna

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This is huge mistake to think that only adults like to wear beautiful jewellery, children also adore lovely keepsakes, like those by Jacques + Sienna. One of the important peculiarities of this designer is the individual design for each pieces, which is done by highly –professional and creative designers Meegan Rupe and Jayna Lala. The source of their inspiration they found in their round the Earth trips. The collections are rather versatile, they include sterling silver cupcake necklaces, bright beaded trinkets the accessories and numerous other things. If you girls adores princesses and castles and is talking about a handsome prince, then there is a great option of a present for her for any special occasion – this long necklace adorned with a castle charm. It looks tender and smart, at the same time it would for sure contribute to making the whole image of your girl brighter. There is no need to worry about the size of the necklace, as there is an option of making it a bit longer or a bit shorter. For small ladies there is a wide choice of silk cotton bracelets, they look bright and attractive, matching most of the clothing of your girl.

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