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Nowadays most of the parents are aware of the important role, which is played by toys in the development of their children, starting from their first days, weeks and months. Along with this understanding, comes sometimes a feeling of loss, as sometimes it is not that easy to find the best toys of the highest quality, suitable exactly for this age of the child. Hape is world famous designer of eco-friendly toys for children, which constantly multiplies the number of the customers. A huge portion of love and creativity was contributed into each toy by this designer, which would for sure be highly appreciated by your child.   Sensory, physical, social and emotional development of each child is prioritized by Hape. For the parents to be sure of their choice – all the toys are grouped according to the age of the children, as it is correct to buy challenging, but not too difficult toys at any age. At the same time it is possible to make the correct choice of boys’ and girls’ toys with consideration of the gender peculiarities. The bright colors and original design of these collections of toys would not leave your children indifferent.

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