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Girls Black Striped Wool Cardigan  Grey Cotton Knitted Cardigan  Girls Pink Fur Cardigan


Cotton Knitted Cardigan with Scarf  Girls Blue Mohair Long Cardigan    Red Hooded Cardigan with Tartan Crown Brooch



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Long cardigans usually occupy a special position in a wardrobe of any lady or girl. They look perfectly well with skinny jeans or trousers, with leggings, which are gaining popularity during the last couple of years, sometimes even with dresses. They look extremely feminine, and stylish. They are really comfortable, because the additional length adds warmth as well. Long cardigans have also numerous variations, making them appropriate for some holidays – like for example Miss Grant or Sarah Louise, looking casual and undemanding, like those presented by Liu-Jo. There is a great choice of styles for smaller girls and teenagers, cardigans with minimum of additional details, and those with hoods, belts, ornaments, fur trimmings and so on. Mayoral Chic cardigans have furs on collars, which can be detached and make them look absolutely different. Parrot cardigans can easily be used instead of coat or jacket for dry but cold weather, especially, if your girl likes looking not the way others do. Malvi & Co cardigans are light and comfortable to wear even for small ladies.

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