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As soon as it is getting colder outside, most parents need to take care of purchasing of all the necessary parts of winter –time clothing for their children. It is necessary not to forget about a couple of pairs of warm tights, which could be worn separately or as an additional layer under trousers, jeans, or snow suit. It is difficult to underestimate the warmth and comfort of the tights, made of a soft angora mix, like those by Falke. A soft and stretchy waist is an advantage, as it is fixing the tights in their proper place, at the same time not causing any discomfort. The soles are additionally thick, which is really important, as usually exactly because of constant cold or wet feet children are staring to sneeze or to cough. Wool and cotton blend is also good for cold weather, like in the tights by MP, where the wool threads are on the outside and the cotton threads are from the inside. Variety of colors allows choosing the best color suiting your girl’s wardrobe. Dore Dore tights are made of soft viscose and angora blend – this is a good example of classical long-lasting tights for cold weather.

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