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Swimsuits, presented in this section, are all bright and comfortable, depending on the age of your girl and her taste as well as her ability to swim; you would be able to choose the best suiting variant for your child here. Molo swimsuits would be suitable for baby girls, as well as older girls. They are made of sun protective fabrics with floral and tropical prints, which look really bright. Sunuva swimsuits for older girls look feminine and smart, thanks to the colors used and the type of neck holders used instead of straps. There are also variations for baby girls by Sunuva – with floats – which would really make the life of the parents easier, as their baby girls, even those, who don’t feel quite confident in the water – would learn to swim without any problems. Later on it is possible to take away the floats, when they are not needed any more. Pampolina floral swim suits look great and would suit girls of 4 to 6 years old. They look really cute with those numerous rushes and smart decorative details, like flowers or butterflies. Archimede swim suits are designed specially for baby girls, as they have protective towelling swim nappy with a waterproof lining.

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