Girls designers Christening & Baptism Dresses

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Baby Girls Ivory Crepe Satin Dress  Girls Ivory Silk Dress with Tulle Skirt & Pink Flower  Ivory Embroidered Tulle Dress


Ivory Lace & Tulle Dress  Ivory Lace Dress with Bloomers  Ivory Silk Dress with Layered Tulle Skirt & Flower Applique

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There are several very important dates and holidays in life of every girl and her parents. Certainly the very first day of birth is the brightest holiday for the whole family, which is later celebrated every year, with special traditions and all children are waiting for this day with impatience. However there is another important date, which happens actually only once per life – the day of christening. All parents have different ideas about the appropriate age, but irrespective of the age the type of clothing is vitally important exactly on this day. Thus in this section, we present a lot of special dresses for this special date, which will never repeat again. Malvi & Co offers very beautiful dresses for baby girls. They are easy to put on and will not cause any discomfort during the ceremony or holiday. Dior and Dolce & Gabbana present very tender sets of dresses and a pair of knickers, which would perfectly conceal the nappy. The dresses from Romano Princess are in combinations with bonnets with elastic to keep it in the proper place. Sarah Louise dresses are more suitable for older girls.

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