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Lili Gaufrette Pink Floral Skirt  Lili Gaufrette Orange Chiffon Dress  Lili Gaufrette Pink Silky Floral Dress

Lili Gaufrette Baby Girls Pink Floral Cotton Shortie  Lili Gaufrette Girls Orange Swimsuit  Lili Gaufrette Baby Girls Pink Swimsuit

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By creating the brand Lili Gaufrette in 1998, Catherine Volner like nobody else introduced the style of BCBG (bon chic, bon genre – good style and correct manner or to put it simply – French chic clothing) in kids’ fashion with its combination of refinement and complete absence of negligence and at the same time, depending on the subject and the season, comfort and refinement. Chic and shine on the crest of a wave Lily Zhofrett means look at the world with new eyes! Stylish and chic clothes from Lili Gaufrette, accessories for the youngest and older children (from 0 to 12 years), this synthesis of relevance and traditions, combining beautiful natural fabrics and rich attention to detail are present in the collection of the trademark. Owing to the quality and models, brand clothes are well suited for the school and for the holidays. Lily clothing is for those girls who want to be beautiful always and everywhere. Lili Gaufrette invents something new each and every time, mixing and creating a stylish combination of different materials and playing with embroidery, applique, flounces and ruffles, sequins and lace, buttons and logos, beads and trim or in short all those items owing to which you can recognize the style of Lily Gaufrette.

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