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Any type of clothes looks brighter and more attractive thanks to the correct and suitable accessories chosen. If for men belts are mostly used for supporting of their trousers and not many men pay enough attention to the design of their belt, for ladies, this is a crucial thing – to make the correct choice of a belt. Sometimes a rather simple skirt or dress looks absolutely different with different types of belts. Belts might be considered to be the most important type of accessories, because they are able not only to contribute to the general image of an individual, not only to change the way the clothing looks like, but they are also often used for underlining the advantages and hiding possible disproportion of female figure.

Braces used to be considered a part of men’s clothing, however, many designers started to use them for ladies as well and not only for the sake of supporting of the trousers, often they play rather a stylistic role for girls clothing and ladies wear.

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Green and Red Elasticated Belt  Union Jack Gazette Leather Belt  Girls Navy Blue Bow Belt


Girls Brown Leather Belt  Girls Green Leather 'FF' Zucca Belt  Brown Leather 'Nadia' Belt


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