Gardner and The Gang children clothing

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If you prefer to choose bright and stylish clothing of the top quality for your children for any season, then the collections by Gardner and The Gang are exactly what you need. All the pieces of children clothing by this designer were manufactured of 100% organic cotton, which is so perfect for the nature conscious parents, to know that along with choosing perfectly designed clothing for their children, they make their individual contribution into the protection of the environment. The choice of the clothing is extremely wide, there are options for various occasions for both boys and girls and for various age groups. For example pretty swimsuits would be for sure appreciated by the girls, who like swimming activities. Unusual and bright prints on the swimsuits contribute to the stylish look. Leggings and sweaters by Gardner and The Gang can also boast with cool prints and extra comfort. Being made of 1 00% brushed cotton fleece, they could be perfect for various weather. With rubber boots from Gardner and The Gang for your child, you won’t have to worry about bad weather and raining, as the feet of your child will be always warm and dry.

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