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The tradition of hanging a mobile over the child’s bed is rather old and certainly has an important meaning for the initial development of your baby. Nowadays the choice of colorful mobiles is rather wide. However the color intensity is far no the main element in this toy. The main aim of the mobile is first of all visual stimulation, which is achieved by the mobiles from Flensted. Now all parents are aware of the fact that up to 6 months colors are not so important for perception of our children, the same situation is with humorous details and shapes, which are often used for mobiles and are so much appreciated by parents. The main function of mobile is thus its moving. Additionally it is necessary to note, that this is huge mistake to think that the shapes of the mobile, which hang vertically are not seen by the baby. In reality, during rotation even vertical elements are seen from various angles, they continue to appear and disappear, which is utterly interesting for the child. Original and cool designs, used for the mobiles by Flensted would evoke the best emotions in your baby.

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