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The name of the designer has been for a long time associated with cool, great, captivating, bright and developing toys for the children of various ages. The top quality toys bring a lot of joy to children. Constant introduction of the innovations and new approaches attracts attention of the parents from various countries, as those, who have at least once bought a toy by this designer are sure, that they will come back later. The combination of the bright color palette, durability, musical options is perfect for modern children. The Movie Viewer doesn’t belong to any innovations, however this toy still remain popular thanks to the numerous functions, it is able to perform – there are two different cartridges to choose from, one is related to letters and one is related to numbers, the movies can be watched in fast-action, slow-motion, forward or backwards. All these operations could be easily performed by a child himself, which is so important for the formation of his personality. Telephones are present in all homes, however usually they are taboo for children, thus your child would appreciate his personal telephone with numerous functions. There is a real ringing dial, which could be used by your small explorer.

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