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French brand Dore-Dore has become a matter of national pride. Dore-Dore factory was founded by Jean Baptist Dore back in 1819, and in 1867 the company has received numerous reviews and a gold medal at the International Exhibition in Paris. In 1961, Dore-Dore was awarded by the French authorities for the high quality and 100 years of successful work in the world market. From a small factory Dore-Dore has become a luxury brand which produces today tights, leggings, socks, stockings for women, men and children. Dore Dore enhances the durability and suppleness of its garments and inspects each individual garment to ensure excellence. At all stages of production quality of each product is checked daily, then being washed and processed by hot air, so Dore-Dore products do not fade and retain their shape even after wearing. This famous brand collection of children clothes is presented by several lines. For example Happiness collection includes bright and multicolor products with stripes, dots and blocks patterns. The Tradition line presents white and pastel colors such as pink, beige and grey without patterns. All products are made from high quality materials such as fleece, cotton, wool, cashmere. The motto of Dore-Dore brand is combination of tradition and modernity, a constant forward movement!

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