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Baby Girls Pink Cotton Tights Baby Striped 'Cats Pad' Tights Black Opaque Silver Stars Tights (80 denier)

Girls Grey Cotton Footless Tights Girls Ivory Cotton Tights Purple Opaque Silver Stars Tights (80 denier)

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Irrespective of the occasion and type of clothing, as soon as weather is changing and it is getting really cold outside, there is a strong need to purchase qualitative and comfortable tights for our children. In this section you could find a lot of different variations of tights for all ages and tastes and occasions. There are usual tights for wearing everyday with dresses or skirts or to put them under the trousers for extra warm layer, if it is really cold outside. There are footless tights, which could be combined with socks. Angora footless tights are great for long walks during winter time when the temperature is running below zero. There are also tights with leg warmers, it releases you from the necessity to buy leg warmers additionally. Cotton tights of bright colors with embroideries or other decorations would serve a perfect addition to some special occasion outfit, to a smart dress or skirt set. For your convenience all types of tights are grouped into categories.

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