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Coral Fantasy 'Nika' Swimsuit Girls Red Spotty Sun Protective Hat Girls Red Spotty Sun Protective Swimsuit

Girls Tropical UV Sun Protection Top Tropical Flower UV Protection 'Nando' Sun Hat Tropical Flower UV Sun Protective 'Neka' Suit

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One of the most important things, parents start to think about, when there is a vacation ahead of them, is what comfortable clothing to choose for their children and how to secure sun protection for the tender skin of their babies. Of course there are a lot of crèmes and other types of UV protection cosmetics, but sometimes the reaction of children skin is not quite good to them, thus it is necessary to take care of choosing of a proper swimming suit and other accessories, not to spoil great fun on the beach. Child’s head is very sensitive towards sun radiation, thus a hat is a must in this case. Playshoes presents here a bright red hat with all over white polka dot print. Even being wet, such hat would protect the head of your baby from sun rays, and parents could feel safe, when their child would be playing on the beach or beside a pool. Besides it is easy to fix it with the ends on the back part. Molo girls sun protection ‘Nando’ swim hat is with cool floral print. The ear and neck flap would guarantee, that not only the head of your baby is protected; additional cord presents a possibility to tie it and fix the hat in its proper place.

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