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Classic outerwear styles have numerous advantages and still, taking into consideration the constant introduction of new materials and technologies, there is a need to provide updates for them. This was one of the tasks of the well-known designer of great collections of outdoor wear – Craghoppers. The key advantages of their products are related to moisture management along with tropical protections. There are also such exclusive collections as Bear Grylls, which include activity- ready tops and trousers of the highest quality, combined with smart and modern design. Blue and black jacket is bright and stylish and perfect for any outdoor activities. Breathable fabric would guarantee comfort during any weather, water resistant fabric is great for rainy or snowy weather. This jacket could be well accompanied by navy Kiwi trousers from Craghoppers. There are a lot of pockets for all necessary small things to be kept safe there, adjustable waist, which would guarantee perfect fit and finally the option of rolling them up and fixing there is great for unstable weather and versatility of the trousers. Hoodies are adored by most of the modern boys and girls, they prefer to wear them either with jeans or with sportive trousers.

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