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There is no need to talk a lot about the role of the dolls in the life of any small girl. Most of the parents are aware of the ability of the dolls to influence the formation of feminine character of their small daughters. One of the key principles, applied by this designer, is the separating of the various types of dolls for various age stages of the girls. In reality, sometimes we are not aware of the fact that it is necessary to think not only of the appearance and quality of a doll, but also to consider the actual interests and needs of your growing daughter. Apart of dolls there is a huge choice of accessories for taking care of them and numerous role plays for the small princesses. Dolls Canopy Cradle from Corolle would become a perfect addition to a baby doll. Your daughter would be for sure fascinated by the possibility to put her favorite doll to bed. Doctor’s set could be in use not only for dolls, but also for any toys, which are feeling not well. Neatly packed into the special case, there are all the needed instruments included.

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