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Initially this designer was primary associated with those people, looking for extremes in their lives, providing them with specially designed top quality glasses. However as time passed, Cebe Kids Designer sunglasses became famous due to their cool design and high quality, being ideal for winter sports.  Blue Dude sunglasses from Cebe look stylish and are produced with category 3 lenses that boast UVA/UVB protection, which is ideal for protecting the developing eyes of our children from sun rays. For smaller children there are also options for protecting of their eyes from harmful sun rays. Blue Kanga sunglasses from Cebe are specially made with category 4 lenses and 100% UVA and UVB protection. They have also an additional elastic neck strap. Unisex Blue Super Bionic Goggles from Cébé would be perfect for winter sports, like skiing for example. Cylindrical shaped lens with anti-fog treatment would serve as great advantages. Built-in air vents and a cushioned mask – would for sure add comfort to your child during his favorite winter activities. Unisex Twinny Adjustable Ski Helmet looks bright and attractive to the children and would be appreciated by its safety by their parents. There is another option – pink Suspense helmet from Cebe.

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