Bumbo Floor Seat

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All small children are active explorers and sometime parents experiencing difficulties, as they can not guarantee their safety and comfort every minute. A lot of babies, starting from the second or third month, don’t like to be positioned horizontally, they constantly cry and demand adults to carry them here and there for them to be able to observe things around them. Modern designers pay a lot of attention to making the life of parents easier and the life of children full of fun. One of such inventions was offered by Bumbo – floor seat. It provides the possibility for a baby to sit straight by itself, starting from 3 months already and could be used till the child’s age of 14 month approximately. There is a safety restraint belt, which could be quickly and easily fastened and unfastened. It is designed in a way which is perfect for correct posture of a baby. Being made of Polyurethane, it could be easily cleaned and dried. There is an additional option of floor seat cover for better comfort of your child. Another accessory, which could be additionally used – is a tray, which would be comfortable for organizing your child’s favorite toys of other things, he could be busy with.

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