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Baby Boys Blue Leopard Top, Trousers & Hat Set Baby Boys Ivory Silk 'Duke' Sailor Suit & Hat Baby Boys Tartan Trousers, Shirt & Belt Set

Blue Stripe T-Shirt & Trouser Set Navy Blue Stripe T-Shirt & Trouser Set Navy Blue Striped T-Shirt & Shortie Set

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Sometimes there is no time for looking for trousers and correspondingly suitable top for them. In this case it is much easer to consider the options of ready trousers sets. If this is exactly what you need – then you are welcome to this category. For baby boys we could offer cotton jersey two pieces set, consisting of a cute navy blue and white striped long sleeve top by Absorba. The loose fit of trousers, along with wide elasticated waistband contributes to their comfort even for utterly active children. Two pieces ‘Heloi’ outfit by Paul Smith Junior, made from a soft cotton jersey, is a rather versatile variant. It could be worn outside when it is warm or with a jacket, at the same time it could be a perfect leisure time outfit for home. Cute prints on the front would be adored by your child. Some parents like putting on their children clothing imitating adult clothing – for them Ralph Lauren presents a set, consisting of  bright red corduroy trousers and a black and ivory alpine design fleece jumper. Looking absolutely like clothing from adult man’s wardrobe, this set is still warm and cozy for baby boys.

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