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Green Camouflage 'Mr Marc' Backpack (30cm) Navy Blue Backpack (42 cm) Navy Blue Shoulder Bag (20cm)

Navy Blue Shoulder Bag (40cm) Unisex Navy Blue Canvas Backpack Bag (39cm) Unisex Red Canvas Backpack Bag (39cm)

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Bags are integral part of adult men’s, as well as boys’, lives. First of all they have stylistic function, as nowadays it is possible to find a lot of variations of bags for men. Practical function in its turn could never be underestimated. Most boys like leading active life, they are to go to school, then to some sports activities, they travel with their parents or just spend time outdoors and so on. Certainly the type and design on the bag would depend mostly upon the actual occasion, it is used for. Bags for school should have additional pockets for a lot of things, you boy would like to put in order there. Most schoolchildren prefer backpacks, as they have a lot of pockets and have enough space inside. Purely sportive styled bags could be irreplaceable for those boys, who like going in for sports, like active types of rest, picnics, joggling, camping and so on. Depending on the taste of your child, his life accents you would be able to find here stylish and high quality bags. For your convenience they are split into categories, if you are looking for something concrete, or you could just browse the entire list for checking the whole choice.

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