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Rather often parents are to face a problem that their children do not want to stay alone in a dark room and are afraid to sleep there, when the light is turned down. There is not use convincing children that there is nothing dangerous in the darkness, it is much better to solve this problem in a different way – purchasing a lovely nightlight, which would guarantee comfortable sleep at night for your child. Boon presents nightlights, which are absolutely unusual and would become real decorations for child’s room, apart of their main function. Their modern and original design would for sure attract your attention, taking also into consideration glowing balls that can glow-in-the-dark for up to 30 minutes after they were removed from the base. Children are usually fascinated by the possibility to take glowing balls, to hold them in hands or put down on their beds. There is an option to choose the colors for nightlights, either one single color or the mode with changing colors. Thus your child will be able to watch a real color show before sleeping. Talking about safety advantages, it is necessary to mention that these nightlights can not heat up, as there are low-energy LED lights used.

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