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Most of the girls visit dance classes regularly and parents are to seek for high quality beautiful clothing for their classes. It is not difficult with Bloch – a world famous designer of full dance range clothing. This designer meets the highest demands for the comfortable and durable clothing for long hours, our girls spend in class. Bright and versatile is the hot pink Marciana mesh back leotard, perfect for those, who are only starting to visit dance classes. It could be worn separately, being cozy and not restricting the moves of your girl, also there is a possibility to combine it with a light skirt for more sophisticated look. Leg warmers have rather practical function than esthetic, as at the beginning of the class, your gild might feel uncomfortable and leg warmers would help to get her warm, later on they could be easily taken off. Ribbed cuffs are specially designed for keeping the warmers in place and not distracting the attention of your small ballerina. Wrap boleros have the same function of warming up at the beginning. There are a lot of light and beautiful skirts, which could be added to tops and leotards for special occasions.

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