Biobu by Ekobo bamboo tableware

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Buy Biobu by Ekobo bamboo tableware

If you want your family to support the eco- friendly productions and at the same time provide for your children only those things, which were produced with consideration of ecological norms, then pay attention to Biobu by Ekobo. Providing a lot of options for creating a cool interior and only the best quality things for your children, this designer created collections of practical and durable cups, bowls, trays and plates, which are environmentally friendly. The colors used are attractive and encouraging even for those children, who do like the process of eating at all. The specially designed spoons, forks and knives could be used at home, as well as for travelling or school. This is a perfect alternative to usual plastic dishware, which is easily breakable and is not good for small children. It is possible to combine the sets of spoon, fork and knife with other bowls and plates of this designer, creating a full set for any meal.  Such set could be a perfect gift for a family, where a lot of attention is paid to environmentally friendly products. Cups are perfect for small children, as they are easy to grasp and parents won’t need to worry that their child could drop it and break.

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