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Most of the children like water procedures, especially if they have the chance to swim somewhere, what is bigger, than their bath. Parents are first of all usually concerned about the safety issues. Safety and comfort were thoroughly considered by Beverly Kids when creating swimsuits with floats. On the one hand those floats do not restrict the moves of the child, are not able to cause any irritation or discomfort, on the other hand the design of the swim suits is bright and stylish, which also attracts attention of the small sportsmen. Cool prints like for example funny penguins would become the best friends for your child during his first experiences with water. For boys there are boyish options in contrasting light and dark blue colors with lovely sun emblem on the chest. There are eight floats attached to the suit, which would guarantee safety of your child in the water. Floats are situated in such a way, that they provide all the necessary support, at the same time causing no discomfort and not limiting the moves of the child. Most specialists agree that this is perfect type of clothing for children, who are only learning to swim.

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