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Swimming procedures are adored by children of all ages, starting probably from the moment of their birth. Certainly parents are doing their best in order to make this time even greater fun for their babies and children. Ballon Rouge worked out a terrific collection of rubber toys of the highest quality, which would for sure make the life of parents easier and the swimming for their children greater fun. The quality of the product is of the highest importance for this designer, thus all the toys are made of ecologically safe materials with application of all the necessary production means to guarantee their quality and safety for babies. All parents know, how much babies like to try out their toys by chewing them, this was also considered by Ballon Rouge – toys, made of 100% natural latex from Hevea trees, with safe natural dyes, are absolutely safe in this relation. Toys of various forms would also contribute to early development and education of your children, which will take place in friendly and relaxed atmosphere. The bright and beautiful lamps by Ballon Rouge are perfect for creating a stunning design in the bedroom of your child.

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