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Fendi Beige Stroller Foot MuffPetit Bateau Blue Striped Cotton Jersey Baby Sleep BagRoberto Cavalli Brown Down Padded Branded Baby Nest (70cm)

Roberto Cavalli Girls Brown Padded Cotton Baby Nest (75cm)Young Versace Blue Giraffe Print Cotton Baby NestYoung Versace Gold Medusa Unisex Baby Nest

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If you want to sleep well and not check several times during the night whether your child threw off the blanket, you will surely need to buy a sleeping bag. Sleeping bag is a very practical invention. There is no a child who would not be able to slip out of the sleeping bag and get cold in the age until one year. Even the most active child while turning during the night and crawling in the sleep at the corners of the crib would still remain in the warm sleeping bag. At the same time this sleeping bag does not tightly pull the legs and arms as it is done by any blanket and does not harm the blood circulation. Sleeping bags give a child an opportunity to easily sleep on the back and then roll over the tummy and sleep. A child feels comfortable even during those hours when he/she is awake, but it is quite cold in the house. Sleeping bag securely closes all of the child’s body while the arms are still free so that to reach for the body of mother or have fun with toys. We are ready to help you with choosing the best sleeping bag for your child.

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