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Angulus is a Danish shoe making company that offers a great variety of top quality leather shoes, sandals and boots for children ranging from 0 to 16 years old. Treat your feet with care, as it does Angulus. It’s so simple. Since 1904 Angulus develops footwear for children providing freedom of movement for your feet and natural support. Angulus shoes ensure a perfect fit, space and comfort. With over 100 years of experience in the production of kid’s footwear, the brand’s products are extremely popular not only in Denmark, but throughout the world. The Angulus footwear for children will ideally suit toddlers who make their first steps in life. Fashionable, stylish and comfortable shoes, waterproof boots, exclusive leather sandals and fashionable T-bar footwear attract the attention of a great number of parents who want their little children to look their best and feel comfortable and cozy. The designers use only organic materials that are totally safe for the feet of little children. They are breathable, flexible and soft. Every new model is developed by specialists who strive to make the shoes favour the healthy growth. Wide toe box are made to position toes freely. In Angulus footwear a child will feel comfortable and every step will be natural. 

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Angulus gained popularity thanks to innovative and original design, high quality and originality by all shoes, produced. The secret is not complicated, as the comfort of their shoes depends first of all upon the application of the best materials – the finest leather, providing sufficient space for the toes, which makes those shoes perfect even for active children. Irrespective of the occasion, for which you are looking for shoes, you will be able to find the appropriate pair, which would suit perfectly the rest clothing of your child and leave him or her happy. For colder weather Angulus is ready to present stylish and bright boots, looking original and easy to put on even for smaller kids. Trainers have classical velcro straps, still the lightly padded opening and tongue, in combination with lightweight rubber sole, would make sports or everyday activities of your children real fun. Options for summer – beautiful and stylish sandals, are also perfect for spending a lot of time outdoors and feeling comfortable thank to all leather insoles. If you are looking for a good pair of shoes for school – then you are welcome to consider the options, presented by Angulus.

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